Silks and Cashmere Blends Collections

Explore the ROZA exquisite silks and cashmere blends scarf collections and become familiar with one of a kind imagery crafted with unmatched quality in Como, Italy.

RZ016_WoF 5_silk_016-01.jpg

Scarf Collection: Warriors of Fashion

A woman warrior is someone who defends core feminine values. One who is fighting for what they believe in – life, love, fashion.

Warrior’s helmets are symbolic of the bravery, the bravery the modern woman-warrior needs in her battles for protecting women’s principals.

Similar to the armored costume which reaffirms dignity, power and legitimacy, the fashion goes beyond the aesthetic principals; It emerges as an expressive tool for the present-day woman in her quest to deliver her message.

Our exclusive Warriors of Fashion scarves bring avant-garde and feminine details together for a collection that is bold, romantic and ideal for the modern woman today.

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Scarf Collection: Echoes of Eternity

Time and Eternity: it is the nature of humankind to tell stories of myths and legends about life and eternity in time. Artifact remnants of the past are preserving and maintaining the memory of once-thriving ancient cultures. The history and the art is shown as a living relic, this beauty frozen in time is unveiled to the curious. Be the discoverer.

RZ010_Wings 6 ForestGreen silk_010-01.jpg

Scarf Collection: Messengers of Dreams

Wings are a symbol of lightness and spirituality. They are an expression of freedom, rejuvenation of the body, and the spirit.

The wings signify the traveler and the messenger, of dreams, of impulse, of movement. Just like birds we all have the desire to fly, to lift off the ground at will, to soar to greater heights.

RZ011_SoP black_cashm_011-01.jpg

Scarf Collection: Fields of Enchantment

While the warrior's helmet is a symbol of nobility, fame, power, and protection, the flower is a symbol of beauty, desire, strength and passionate love.

The beauty in a flower very often evokes unexpressed thoughts and feelings that are sometimes difficult to find words for. A flower represents refinement, grace and elegance and sends a message of feminine appeal.

Some messages are mystical, some magical and some mysterious, seductive or alluring, each as timeless and unique as the flower itself.